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Airline information
Regularly we get the question "What is the best way to fly to Bonaire"  .....  it very much depends
where you are coming from in Europe or in the USA or if you are coming from Canada, Brazil etc
We will try to mention all the possibilies we can think of ...... click on the name of the airline to go
to their web site

A number of good flights go to Curacao and you then need a flight from Curacao to Bonaire
(that is a 20 minute flight) .

If p.ex. you use Insel Air from Miami or Charlotte and you continue your flight to Bonaire with
Insel Air, your luggage will be checked through to Bonaire and you just go to Transit where you
have to pay $2 airport tax.

Using any of the other airlines you have to go through immigration, get your luggage and go
outside, walk to the left and you will see the check-in counters of the different airlines, where
you have to check in again.
After check in you go upstairs through security and passport control to the gates.
Curacao is not a big airport but it will still take about 1 hour - if you arrive at a moment when
another big plane just arrived, it can take even longer.

If you fly into Aruba,  immigration, getting your luggage and check in again will take a little
longer. Aruba is a bigger and much busier airport than Curacao
coming from Europe
KLM - Air France
daily from Amsterdam to Bonaire (via Aruba or Curacao)

TUI Tuedays + Thursday from Amsterdam to Bonaire
other days from Amsterdam to Curacao

Air Berlin
Tuesdays from Düsseldorf to Curacao

United Airlines
departure Fridays from Newark to Bonaire arriving Saturday morning
we have guests from certain cities in Europe who have good connections to Newark and they like this possibility)
coming from USA or Canada
United Airlines
departure Saturdays from Newark to Bonaire and in high season also on Sundays

departure Saturdays from Houston to Bonaire and return flight from Bonaire  on Sunday
in high season also departure on Fridays and return flights on Saturday

Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday from Atlanta to Bonaire

Insel Air
Saturdays Miami to Bonaire
the other days Miami to Curacao

American Airlines
every day 2 flights (morning + afternoon) Miami to Curacao and return

A number of Airlines fly from the USA to Aruba
check out the Aruba airport page to find the airlines which fly from the USA to Aruba
from Curacao to Bonaire

Insel Air
several times each day

DiviDivi Air
several times each day during day light only  - small 9 seater planes

from Aruba to Bonaire

Tiara Air
direct flights - depending on the days 1 or 2 flights daily

Insel Air
flights via Curacao
Thursdays Sao Paulo to Aruba
(in high season also more days) - then using Tiara Air for the direct connection flights
to Bonaire - or
Insel Air and DAE  for flights via Curacao

There are a number of flights from Brazil to Caracas and then using
Insel Air or DAE for the connection flights to Bonaire via Curacao

There are also flights from Brazil to Columbia and and than using
Insel Air or DAE for the connection flights to Bonaire via Curacao
coming from Brazil  
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