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Bonaire vacation accommodation for divers & windsurfers
Windsurfing at Sorobon Lac Bay
windsurf with The Place - home of the Bonaire Kids
Casa Oleander
About the windsurfing.....
We do not offer any windsurf packages anymore as experience showed us
that it is more economical for you if you make the reservation directly with
Bonaire Windsurf
Place as we can not change on the end of your vacation the
number of days you did go windsurfing.......  even on Bonaire there is the risk
of a day with no wind .... or you decide to make a day trip over the island ...

But of course we can make you a quotation for the accommodation of your
choice  + a rental car or rental pickup

We will only let them know you are coming.
are the websites:

Please make contact with
Roger at at the Bonaire Windsurf Place.

Our email address ....
Coco Palm Garden
Bonaire windsurf pictures
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