The crystal clear waters surrounding
Bonaire are a paradise for snorklers -
not just for divers !  Most shore diving
spots, and there are more than 50 on
the west coast alone, are also great
snorkeling spots.
From our apartments it is just a 2
minutes walk to Bachelors Beach,
which is a great snorkling spot .
To snorkel  off shore, our guests are most
welcome to join the afternoon dive boats of
Photo Tour Divers/Dive Friends Bonaire
which is the dive base for our diving guests.
If there are 4 snorklers or more, Photo
Tours/Dive Friends Bonaire also provides a
snorkling guide. Guided snorkel tours from
shore are also possible.
Price incl. equipment $25 + sales tax
Price excl. equipment $15 + sales tax
An instruction course  (min 4 pers)
"Fish identification + behaviour "
can be arranged with
Photo Tours/Dive Friends Bonaire
And snorkeling is not just great on
the west coast, other spots like the
Mangroves, the reef at Sorobon or at
Cai will leave you thinking your have
been swimming in an aquarium.
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For more information about snorkel equippment -
you can rent or buy it - for guided snorkel trips or
boat snorkel trips to Klein Bonaire - you can also
contact Angela at -
tell them you are staying with Coco Palm Garden -
when on island we will give you a voucher for a
discount on certain items and services